What would happen if….

The United States of America is at a critical phase in its history because of the unique challenges facing our educational system in this 21st century.  In terms of educational factors, challenges include achievement gaps, ineffective use of standardized tests, problems with recruitment and retention of teachers, limited professional training and support, and high drop out rates.  Psychosocial factors include student violence, teen pregnancy, family difficulties, limited family support for educational achievement, and issues related to socioeconomic status.  These problems interfere with optimal academic performance, particularly in the areas of math and science.  What would happen if we could figure out how to mitigate the impact of these problems?  What would happen if students could help teachers understand how their family impacts their performance?  What would happen if teachers could show students how to learn in spite of their obstacles?  What would happen if teachers had all the tools needed to help them be most effective?  What would happen if… 

3 thoughts on “What would happen if….

  1. Antionette Mathews

    There are some places where this is happening. The research shows that the students are excelling by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, I do not work in a district that has reached that point. I do however hold out HOPE and believe as President Obama’s team did, that “Yes We Can”.

  2. Tracy

    What a Utopia!!!?!?!!! There would be more success and less distress. This would take alot of planning and attention on the schools part to bridge those gaps.

    1. jeffreyeducator Post author

      You know you are right. It would take planning, but the most important thing is it is possible. The only question is when and when will we all get on the same page?


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