Real Math Textbooks

Real Math

Do you have a great math textbook? What makes it great? How does it address problem solving?

In the video Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover, Dan shows a great way to add rigor to the problem solving and critical thinking presented in your textbook. Actually this would help all of your classroom instruction. It is truly amazing what you can do with simply technology and ambiguity.

This presents more us with a bigger challenge. How can we change the learning culture of our students? If you are like me, you are getting pretty tired of lazy learners and lazy teachers. I know because sometimes I am both. Now I am not trying to point fingers or avoid responsibilities. I am just saying we need to challenge our selves and our students to think in new ways. We have to put them in rich learning environments with carefully designed tasks.

So check this video out by educator Dan Meyer. It is only the beginning to what we can do!

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